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katie_mcgrath's Journal

For All Things Katie
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Katie McGrath
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The One and Only Katie McGrath

Hello all, and welcome to the first (I hope, eep!) Katie McGrath fan community! Here you will find anything you would want to have or know about the ever talented and gorgeous actress and her assorted roles. You can post anything you want: picspams, graphics, fanmixes, fanfiction- literally anything!

We've a few rules here, but just because there are only a few doesn't mean I won't knock you on the head for disobeyed them!

1. Do not bash the goddess Katie McGrath
2. Do not bash any of her costars.
3. Respect each other, please. This is a fun, welcoming community, and bitchiness will not be tolerated.
4. Join in the fun! I promise no one will bite. Lurking is fine, but joining is always awesome. And can include sparkles.
5. Tag all of your entries, please! I like things freakishly organized. I know that is seems very annoying, but it's really simple and easy to do, I promise!
6. Spoilers should be placed behind a cut. I don't like being spoiled for shows that I like, and though I know many will love to swarm to spoilers and post them all over the interweb, there are many others that would rather like to be blissfully unaware of them.
7. Don't be afraid to ask any questions! I have never, ever bitten anyone before (not hard, anyway. Sorry, apologies for the Austin Powers joke.) and I doubt I will do so in the future!
8. In the risk of sounding like Belle, pimp us out! We're always willing to have more affiliates!
Fanfiction? Please!
Het, femmeslash, RPF, it doesn't matter what you write- bring it over! There are only a few rules (ugh, sigh, I know, I suck!) that we have at this community when it comes to fanfiction. Not many though, I promise!
1. Please, please, please put all of your fanfiction behind a lj-cut. Yes, this includes drabbles. If you do not know how to use an lj-cut, THIS link here is gold!
2. It would be very nice if you spellchecked and betaed all of your work before you posted it. I know sometimes grammar can get rather complicated (it's not my forte, to be sure) but if everything is not 100% readable readers can get extremely confused when reading. And confusion=bad. If you need a beta, don't be afraid to ask! Most of us are willing and able to help you out!
3. No matter if you are complimenting or critiquing, make sure your comments are respectful. No one wants to get a hurtful and harsh comment.
4. Please use this extremely snazzy header whenever you post.

& All That Jazz
Icons? They're fun! When you're pimping out icons, please place only three icons as a preview, the rest must be under a cut. No one wants uber long entries clogging up their flist. It's not fun.
Fanmixes? Ooh, yes please! Make sure they're under the cut though (I'm lame, I know)! If you have a cover (and if you don't, that's totally okay!) make sure it's no larger than 300x300. And if you feel the urge to post both the cover and the back, have the graphics no larger than 150x150, capiche?
Picspams? Bring the pretty! I only ask that there is one image above, you know what I'm going to say, the cut. Even if all the images are jaw droppingly beautiful, only post one preview image.
Discussion? Bring it, beetch! The more the merrier! Just no bashing of other people's thoughts and opinions. Just because you think they're wrong doesn't necessarily mean you're right, either.
Music videos? Fake trailers? Anything in video format? Bring it! If you're going to embed the video, however, please put it behind what? A cut, very good!
Recc? Yes, please! I've never been able to turn down a good recc, and I doubt anyone else has ever been able to, either. Make sure to give the title (duh) characters, pairing (if any), rating and a teeny tiny description to get us interested!
Ask anything! Enjoy everything! And always make everyone feel welcome. =)
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